Have you hit a low spot? Is it something that’s your own situation & difficult to or not the right problem to work on with friends or family? Are you wishing you could sort things out & head into more of what you want? What if you had a coach who would strategize with you, hear you out & then work with you to find what you’re looking for, & help keep you accountable, be there for you? What if you started to live a more intentional life rather than winging it? That may sound “out there,” but it is honestly very exciting.

There is such a great story that is in the beginning of Price Prichett’s book, You Squared. It’s about a fly trying desperately to break through a window pane. The fly continues to bump & push, trying harder & harder to get through the glass, but with no luck. What he doesn’t see is that 10 steps away the door is wide open. What we see here is that sometimes trying harder isn’t always the solution to our challenges. Could there be a door a few steps away that you didn’t realize was there?