Imagine having the vitality you really want. You have a “lively bounce” within you that’s just radiating out to the world. You wake up in the morning & you look forward to your day. What would it be like to feel that wonderful zing in your body?

Perhaps you’ve been through a challenging time or have had an injury that seems to be lingering or that something just isn’t healing as quickly as you planned. Maybe you notice that you just don’t have the energy to do what you’d like to do. It could be that your sleep is not what it had been, or that your weight is slowly creeping up, and that you feel yourself resisting what you know you want to do. It could be that your finances have been troubling you, & that your positive direction has come to a halt. Do you feel like you’re in a bad mood a lot, or that your relationship with others is getting you down? You could be an avid basketball player, & for some reason the ball is not going in the hoop, or that you’ve loved your life as a runner, & now you just aren’t looking forward to getting out there. Whatever it might be for you, there is a “new something” for you. Seriously. What if you hired a coach?


When considering vitality in the body, strength is often the main issue. Also there for consideration are flexibility, stamina, quickness, your gait, your grace, & your weight issues.

Some have felt satisfied with the kind of shape they’ve been in, & then something occurs….a trauma, a fracture, a surgery, a virus, some sort of chronic issue, increased stress, & on, & now the body seems to be falling apart. A number of treatment styles have been tried, physical therapy, pharmaceuticals, but the body needs something different.

Others have wanted to get in shape, but their work or other responsibilities have been their focus. Now, how would they even begin?

Some find themselves in a situation where much of their day is spent in repetitive motions or positions- musicians, conductors, artists, computer specialists, carpenters, chefs, athletes, those working on a factory line being examples of this. They find themselves in pain & frustration, because certain motions are difficult, & they are ready to make progress on this, but it may also mean a lifestyle or work change. Working on the body & through the other changes are perplexing. A coach…what about hiring a personal coach?


Such a fascinating area… It could be that your posture has never been an issue for you. Maybe you remember a parent telling you to sit up straight or stand more upright, but other than this idea, you haven’t considered this topic.

On the other hand, you might have been diagnosed with scoliosis, or a childhood illness, or have had an injury that resulted in a posture out of neutral spine, & now you feel it. Maybe you have some sort of arthritis that has compromised your erectness & comfort.

Improving your posture can really contribute to feeling better & improving your overall health & athletic ability. Tight muscles that pull your back & neck out of alignment can be softened & others strengthened, especially in the torso, bringing you to a healthier position, & you less prone to injury, strain, & fatigue.

Studying your relationship to gravity, where you are putting your weight in your feet, or where it is when in a seated position, how you go from here to there, even very slight shifts can make a remarkable difference. There are small, non-threatening, effective drills that can tweak your posture & your whole nervous system into feeling much better. Also certain kinds of even small massage can create a much less agitated state for healing.
Athletes often find themselves in pain & their posture affected, because they are pushing & pulling so hard that they can no longer find a comfortable, more neutral spine, when they are not doing their sport. Pilates & other movement techniques will often give them amazing results. Each person is unique as to which exercises bring them the best outcome.


How do you nourish yourself? Strange, when we think of a plant, it seems fairly clear. Give it the right amount of light, water, temperature, day length, some supplements, & maybe a little classical music. But you, you need more.

How do you “feed” yourself? Your food, your vitamins, your water matter greatly. Eating fresh vegetables, fruit, protein, & grains are usually recommended, along with other supplements.

But what else creates a healthy environment within you for your cells to thrive & do their best for you? What gives you sustenance? What do you love to listen to that makes you feel good? What are you actually tuning into? Do you spend your time in the dark or in the light? What sorts of people give you nourishment? Do you like taking classes? Do you like the quiet? What do you think brings you more vitality?


Are you constantly on the go? Are you the opposite? Have you ever given thought to what really restores you? Culturally, especially with the quick response technology offers us, we continually feel “on,” or that we should be more so. It becomes challenging to calm the nervous system down…creating a state of overall agitation. It’s the kind of stress where we could swear a tiger was chasing us or something else! Yet, there may not be that sort of emergency, but the body sure feels like this is so. The adrenal glands continue to fire up producing cortisol to save us, & what results is fatigue, weight gain, & overall waning of our great energy, & often less clarity. What do you think would help you? Massage? Meditation? A nap? A garden? What if you had a coach with whom you could study this aspect….


It’s funny how it seems like our circumstances, what we are faced with on a daily basis, the outside, determine our vitality…or our genes…or our boss. And yet, we have much more to do with where we are than it might appear. Do you have a mind map of where you are headed?


Just yesterday a friend said, “You know, I worry…a lot!” What a human thing to do! Worry can take quite a toll on you & your perspective & your results. Is it possible to change this pattern? By looking at this, would you improve your vitality?


Where do you go for inspiration? Are you trying to do it all by yourself? Would you like to explore this? Do you read or listen to material in this area? You know you. You are you. You are a whole person. You are more than your body. You are more than what your family might say or have said. You are much much more. You are loved.