SueHoggHEADI grew up a chunky kid, and super sensitive, oldest of seven, wondering what made people feel better about themselves. I remember watching my brothers, who seemed to move with ease, quickness, and finesse, strength, and grace, wanting so badly to understand how to do that. Western medicine was so intriguing from a very young age, too, and I hoped to be a doctor one day.

As I studied pre-med in college, the hard sciences – biology, microbiology, chemistry – I felt I was going further away from what I was really wanting to study, which was more about vitality and resilience. It was something more subjective and energetic, as well. I decided to switch my major to Human Development, which looked at the whole person from conception to death, and also to dive into the study of dance, especially musical theater. It was perfect!

We were married, Dave and I, two weeks after I turned 20 and we lived in W. Lafayette, IN, then Berkeley, CA, then Starkville, MS, and finally Madison, WI. We had two sons, always in university settings, both teaching and never-ending students.

As time went on I saw that I learned differently from many of my fellow students and those I was teaching. Even at the younger ages in elementary school, some needed quiet, others collaboration, some preferred auditory, others visual, and some kinesthetic. So how I taught or cued was best done sing a variety of methods, and the same held true for assessing the students. What also seemed critical was the emotional environment, the acceptance of starting just where we were right then. Passion, imagination, and discovery…we were looking for that!

And then the oddest, most physically painful thing began to occur. My back had a major breakdown. I couldn’t stand up, sit down, lie down, or be in any position without pain. I tried desperately to pretend nothing was wrong. My world began to fall apart. (Now I realize I was overdoing – dancing in the show “Follies”, staying up grading papers and preparing for school, doing all that was needed at home, living on Diet Coke, and getting four hours of sleep a night.) I had been able to do this sort of living before, but it was no longer working! If I got out of this, I swore I would make some changes. I would make a difference.

I continued on after the school year, choreographing, but preparing it all in bed. I was using a cane when I was alone, doing physical therapy and steroid injections, but none seemed to hold. So on August 3rd, I had back surgery, and actually was told I had the back of an 80 year old! I was 44.

It took me one year to recover and get myself back…from a walker to spine clinic to short walks, to the warm water pool, a little more each day. I learned so much about depression and resilience and wanted to study all of it. How could people keep from having this happen? How could people speed up their recovery?

Since that year and a half, I have faced some great challenges. Here’s a list…fractured 4th and 5th metatarsals, plantar fasciatus, near-death bleeding experience, emergency hysterectomy, anemia, hypothyroid, fractured radius, broken 2nd toe, arthritis, wrist problems with steroid injections and prolotherapy, knee surgery, cancer with over 40 stitches in my face, and whiplash.

So I am with you on the journey! It has been a fascinating study, acquiring tools when faced with adversity. I am a certified Pilates instructor and master teacher (Mat and Apparatus). I’m also a licensed massage therapist in Eastern & Western traditions. The other area I specialize in is Professional Life Coaching. Each one has moved me into the next realm of inquiry.

Medicine is a comprehensive, integrative study. I love it all – each helps the other. We are whole people, each with our own past, present, and future. We have the opportunity to ask questions, improve our resilience, increase our vitality, and continue finding our most athletic self, our most joyous self, our higher self, whenever we’re ready!


Quantum Success Coaching Academy graduate, hundreds of hours of preparation, coaching, & feedback; thorough written & practical exams

East/West Healing Arts Institute, Madison, WI, the study of medicine (anatomy, pathology, physiology, kinesiology, the meridians, nutrition) from both perspectives, practical emphasis in massage & acupressure, supervised internship in acupuncture clinic, preparation for Board exam & Licensure, hundreds of hours of study, practice & observation, am now Licensed Massage Therapist

Z-Health Performance Solutions, Certification in in-depth studies on performance enhancement & the nervous system, including R-Phase (Injury Rehabilitation, Neural Re-Education, Mobility Restoration); I-Phase (Integration of Visual, Vestibular, Proprioceptive Hierarchy); S-Phase (Sports Performance); T-Phase (Therapeutic Strategies for Pain & Better Performance). Loved this so much, that I have taken all of these four times all over the US! Sustenance & Spirit (In depth look at nutrition & what else sustains us)

Inner Fire Yoga, Bikram Style Yoga Teaching Certification

Landmark Forum, Advanced Landmark Forum, Seminars on Relationship with Self & Others; “Would you rather be happy or miserable?” & what to do about it….

Gyrokinesis Certification, Movement Study, Spiraling, done seated,
on mat, & standing positions, strength & grace

Physicalmind Institute, Chicago & NYC, Pilates Study, Mat & Apparatus Certification, Teacher & Teaching Certification Teacher

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Teaching Certification, Zumba Teaching Training, TRX Teaching Training, ACE Certified

Harbor Athletic Club & Wellness Center, Teacher & former Pilates director, have taught all kinds of movement classes for 25+ years

Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, Teacher for 13 years, 6th grade, then Hands-On Science & Math (grades K-5)

Edgewood College, Teaching Certification Graduate

Choreographer & Dancer, many years, CTM, Middleton Children’s Theater, Middleton Players Theater, Madison Theater Guild

University of CA, Berkeley, Business Extension, designed with professors & successful entrepreneurs courses in continuing education in business

Purdue University, BS in Human Development, emphasis in Crisis Intervention, minor in Dance