Perhaps you’ve been through a challenging time or have had an injury that seems to be lingering or that something just isn’t healing as quickly as you planned. Maybe you notice that you just don’t have the energy to do what you’d like to do. It could be that your sleep is not what it had been, or that your weight is slowly creeping up, and that you feel yourself resisting what you know you want to do. It could be that your finances have been troubling you, & that your positive direction has come to a halt. Do you feel like you’re in a bad mood a lot, or that your relationship with others is getting you down? You could be an avid basketball player, & for some reason the ball is not going in the hoop, or that you’ve loved your life as a runner, & now you just aren’t looking forward to getting out there. Whatever it might be for you, there is a “new something” for you. Seriously. What if you hired a coach?